If you've ever wondered just how much work goes into a gold or silver pendant, then here on this page you can follow Hamish's son Graham, as he takes you through the main stages in the life of one of his creations.

The silver pendant shown in the left hand panel is the finished article, but there's a lot of skill and experience to be drawn on, and a lot of specialist precision work to be done before the metals are fashioned into the beautiful object you see here.

The original design work is done by Hamish himself, and must look exactly right before work can proceed
Using the piercing saw to cut out basic shapes in great detail.   Here there is no room for mistakes with a saw blade which measures only 0.8 mm
Soldering with a high-tech blow torch - this burns water which is broken down into gases
Filing to soften shapes and add to perspective.   Now we are ready for the final operation of polishing (see main picture on right)

We're nearly there, and the final touch is as exacting and precise a task as the others.   Polishing using various different grades of polish is a difficult job, and is also extremely hot on Graham's fingers.

Only when this is done to the Smiths' meticulous standards is the pendant ready to be displayed in its presentation box (see left-hand panel) ready for a 21st birthday, or a wedding anniversary perhaps... or simply as a well-deserved gift to yourself!


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Rugby Ball Pendant Hawick Hawick Horseshoe Rugby Ball Tie Tack Gold Shield
Five examples of the unique creations of Hamish Smith.   Jewellery such as this can be bought at Hamish D Smith of East Bank House, in Hawick's Central Square.

Many of these pieces are inspired by the Scottish Borders, with designs specially for Galashiels, Selkirk and Hawick;  all are the product of top-class craftsmanship and the years of experience shared by the Smith family.   Make a point of visiting Hamish Smith's shop in Hawick, and ask to see examples of his work:  you will not be disappointed.

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